Annual Instagram Yard Sale

09 14 17

September 15 – 17 (FRI – SUN)

Hello friends, I’m excited to open a tiny private yard sale this weekend on Instagram. Yes, Instagram! I’m happy because I did some decluttering at home and hoping that some of these treasures will find a new home, a new kitchen. Please read the instructions carefully before placing your order.

Items on sale will be posted over at banchanworkshop_yardsale instagram account. This account is a private so please request to follow.

Comment if you are interested in purchasing or if you need more description about the item(s). (e.g. dimensions, color, texture, flaws).

Email your info (see below) to hello@selinaslee.com with subject: Yardsale

Name (First, Last)
Your Instagram handle (e.g. @selina.s.lee)
Item(s) you want to purchase (Item#, Item Name)
Your email address
Your PayPal account email address (if different from above)
Shipping address (if not picking up)

Shipping cost estimate will be provided within 24 hours (via email). Shipping is available to US only.

Payments are received via PayPal. Send payments to lee_selina@skycreatives.com via PayPal (send money as friends & family) PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL YOU GET A FINAL QUOTE AND CONFIRMATION FROM ME. THANK YOU!

Orders are prioritized by info received via email. Commenting on Instagram does not guarantee you to claim the item.

Sale is not final until payment is received.

Photo caption will changed to SOLD once payment is received and buyer notified via Email.

Packages will ship out starting Wednesday, 9/20.

If you are local, you can pick it up from Private Mailbox & General Store in Oakland. Mention that you are there to pick up online yard sale item from box #500.  

Private Mailbox & General Store
484 Lake Park Ave. #500
Oakland, CA 94610

All sales are final. There are no refunds or returns. If you have any problems or concerns, please email me.

Follow @banchanworkshop_yardsale – Comment if needed – Submit Email Request – Shipping Estimate & Confirmation – Send Payment – Shipping Notification

Thank You!

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