Banchan Workshop #11 Healthful Korean Brunch

09 12 17

Can you believe we are already in the middle of September? You know, I missed the summer. I missed the quiet and relax mornings, no-driving-my-kids-around-everywhere, no homework. I have to say, it’s been so tough past couple of weeks trying to get the kids settled into new school year. Nathan started middle school and we had to go through the whole hoopla of being on a waitlist to get into school that we wanted (which we didn’t) and finding alternative school for him to be at. I’ve never felt so stressed out about school stuff. Anyways, I’m happy that we can put that behind us now and move forward. So here I’m finally getting around to write a recap about the private workshop I hosted back in July. I invited few of my friends around the theme of healthy Korean brunch. My good friend, Lisa was kind enough to open up her home for us. Every and each one of our workshops are special to me but if you ask me to pick my favorite, I think it will have to be this one. I mean who doesn’t like to be served with warm and healthy brunch!

If you remember from last summer’s workshop DATE-NIGHT-IN, my friend Angie from Chairs & Cups helped me to create beautiful table scape for the event. I told her what I had in mind and what I thought it would go well with the food and she let me bring few of my own pieces, as well as some pieces from her online a la carte service. She also did the centerpiece flowers with a given budget. Isn’t that just awesome? You can place your rental order online and she will show up or deliver items at the day of the event.

On the menu: Abalone Jook, Cold Cucumber Seaweed Soup, Mung Bean Fritters, Chi-Namul, Rolled egg.

Of course, Lisa our host baked this awesome and delicious gluten-free Citrus Ricotta Almond Cake for dessert. It was so yummy with tea. It was out of this world!

There is nothing like cultivating relationships through food. I am very lucky to have these ladies around. We always have a good time when we get together. Ladies, I’m really liking this little tradition we have going. Already looking forward to next summer!

Also some exciting news: I’ll be offering small private workshops soon. You get to host small get together like this one and I’ll help you to create the entire event in your own kitchen. More to come so make sure to stay tuned.

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