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Sautéed Cucumber (Oibokkeum)

05 09 16

IMG_7968pictured: myung bean sprouts with glass noodles, geotjeori kimchi, sautéed cucumber and vegetable rolled eggs

I have something fun to share and I hope you would enjoy this idea as well. I’ll be sharing 4 set of new banchan every week on my Instagram feed HERE, preferably on Mondays. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and so happy that I’m finally getting around to it. I’ll be sharing one of the recipes here each week. I know, it will be challenging for me to do something on a weekly basis. I need all the support I could get!! Please note no exact measurements for banchan recipes, just like how all Korean moms would say, “조금씩, 적당히… (little bit here and moderately there)” LOL. Enjoy~!

SAUTÉED CUCUMBER (OIBOKKEUM 오이볶음) – recipe adapted from korean bapsang

korean or japanese cucumbers
minced garlic
vegetable oil

make thin slices of cucumber and sprinkle with salt and let it sit for at least 30 mins.
salt will help draw out more liquid. After 30 mins, squeeze out the linquid in smaller batches with your hand or using the cheese cloth. this will make the cucumbers even crunchier.

coat skillet with vegetable oil with minced garlic. lower the heat not to burn the garlic.
add cucumber and sautéed them for few minutes. add salt to season.