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Traveling with Kids | Carmel/Monterey, CA

04 22 15

During our one week spring break this month, we drove down to Carmel/Monterey area to stay. It’s only about 1.5 hr. drive from Oakland. We had plenty of beach time, great local finds, good food and shopping! Staycations are great because you can do this as any weekend getaway and feel like you are at a new place, far away from home. We are so thankful for our beautiful California coastlines. Here is some highlights from our 2 nights/3 days trip to Carmel/Monterey, CA.









Carmel Valley Roasting Co. – on ocean ave. with lots of cute shops and boutiques nearby (Carmel)
Bright Coffee – inside Lilify store in (Monterey)
Carmel Bakery – on ocean ave. 100+ years old (Carmel)
Eat / Shop / Do
Flaherty’s Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar – kid-friendly restaurant where kids can order from kids menu and grown-ups can enjoy variety of oysters! (Carmel)
Sushi Heaven – sushi place near carmel plaza shopping center. another great look-arounds (Carmel)
Loulou’s Griddle in the Middle – cute and yummy brunch spot in (Monterey)
Lilify – must visit when in Monterey. cute home goods boutique with small cafe inside (Monterey)
Carmel Plaza Shopping Center – anthropologie, j.crew, sur la table and more shops (Carmel)
Dennis the Menace Park – great kids playground in (Monterey)
Monterey Bay Aquarium & Cannery Row – wanna play tourist? (Monterey)
Lamp Lighter Inn – cottage b&b on ocean ave. great for family stay. (Carmel)
Hotel Pacific – close to cannery row and monterey bay aquarium. you can buy tickets to the monterey aquarium at the concierge to save time waiting in line at the aquarium. (Monterey)

We also stop by Santa Clara K-town (El Camino Real) on our way back home to have best Korean BBQ (Jang Su Jang) and Korean pastries for dessert (Paris Baquette). Korean in us couldn’t survive without having Korean food for few days. It was a great way to end our short mini vacation. ; )

Any other recommendations? I know for sure we want to go back there soon, like this summer! We fell in love with their beaches…


A Day Trip to Healdsburg, CA

11 04 14

One of the best things about living in Bay Area is to be able to drive an hour or two away and feel like you’re at different place. Napa/Sonoma, Lake Tahoe, Monterey, Half Moon Bay, just to name a few. This past weekend, we decided to drive up to Healdsburg, CA (in Sonoma County) and visit just few places that has been on my spotted list for awhile. It took about hour and half from Oakland. I’m glad we were able to get out and explore different town and not stay at home feeling like you are rottening glued to screen all day. I realized I should do this more often with my family, it’s nice to have the weekends open so we can spend some time together as a family and enjoy outdoors, good food, of course. 

It was obvious, Fall came to SHED at Healdsburg. This James Beard Design award winning, a beautiful open space with dining, flowers, home goods, groceries and café is a dream space. This place reminded me a lot of London Plane in Pineer Square in Seattle, WA. It makes me so happy just dreaming about having my own space like this someday. Ok, maybe not to this extent. I think I’ll be happy if I had a nice well lit space where I can have my design studio, a coffee bar, flower shop and a test kitchen. Oh why not, Never stop dreaming…

All of us enjoyed the food we ordered there. You can order food to take-out or dine-in, we decided to dine-in because we were hungry! We ordered some pizza, pork belly sandwich, beer on tap, sparkly lemonade. Boys really like this prosciutto and salami cold cut platter with bread and olive oil. YUM!

Popped into Flying Goat Coffee Roasters for some afternoon Capp.

We stopped by at this cute ice cream & pie bar, Noble Folk. You can choose a pie and ice cream flavors to make your own a la mode pairing. I picked Chocolate Baked Pumpkin Pie with Salted Caramel to take care of my sweet tooth!

I’m so glad that we were able to get out and get fresh air and feel like we’ve visted somewhere new. Just within this one block radius square (park in the middle) seem to have enough to check out filled with galleries, bookstore, boutiques and cafés and markets. We want to go back in the Spring/Summer time and have a mini picnic!
Have you visited or live near Healdsburg, CA? What are some of your favorite spots and things do there? 
All Photography by Selina @skycreatives using iPhone 4S + Nikon D3100.


A Weekend Traveler | NYC

07 31 14

I finally had a chance to go through all my photos from my trip to NYC last March. I’ve been thinking a lot about traveling more and it’s probably because I feel…I can finally say I truly enjoy traveling with my kids. Let’s be honest, making a trip out to local grocery store was stressful at times with my toddler boys. It was only recent that traveling with kids came in the picture for the Kim family. Traveling with or without kids, I think we all need some time away from our daily grind and just pack up your favorite weekender and go refresh yourself exploring some place totally new. Here are some shots from my NY trip with my traveling buddy and a long time friend. We live in two different cities so we flew into NYC separately and met there. There is an idea! Meet someone in third city for a weekend! It all started because we picked up a book at a local bookstore called ‘New York Times 36 hours, 150 weekends in USA & Canada‘. It basically sparked our wanderlust ideas and gave us some new perspective on traveling. You don’t have to go far away or for long time to make a good vacation. Sometimes, going away for a weekend is all we need. Plan your trip ahead to save time and budget and become a weekend traveler!

NoMad Hotel (Midtown)
Left// 60 Thompson (Soho)  |  Right// Ace Hotel (Midtown)

Coffee Spots (Midtown, Tribecca, Soho)
Highline Park (Chelsea)
Momofuku Noodle Bar (East Village)
Lombardi’s New York Pizza (Soho) // Waffles & Dinges (Lower Manhattan)
Soho Street Shopping (Soho)
MOMA (Midtown West)
Brooklyn Bridge
Broadway (Musical ‘Once’)
NY Crossings (Times Square, Soho, Midtown, Brooklyn)
From top of the rock (Rockefella Center, Midtown West)
La Colombe Torrefaction (Soho) – best cappuccino experience you will ever have.
Stumptown (Midtown) – the usual trend carried over from west coast. baristas in their new yorker suits and hats.
Happy Bones NY (Nolita) – you wish you lived nearby this cafe to grab coffee here every morning. seriously coveting that cute tortoise shell spoon that i spy on instagram all the time!
Momofuku Noodle Bar (East Village) – chef david chang’s restaurant. wow on the ramen, go visit his other restaurant momofuku ssam bar.
Café Habana (Soho) – delicious cuban, mexican restaurant in soho. can’t leave this place without trying the mexican style grilled corn. it’s impossible to have just one. i dare you to try.
Lombardi’s New York Pizza (Soho) – what is it with NY pizza? they are so good down to very last bite of the crust. must have before you leave town.
Waffles & Dinges Cart (throughout NYC) – we picked up some waffles before walking the brooklyn bridge. that was so memorable!
Butcher’s Daughter (Nolita) – THE brunch spot.
NoMad Hotel (Midtown) – beautiful boutique style hotel with amazing library/café.
Thompson 60 (Soho) – modern, clean affordable hotel right in the heart of Soho street shopping.
MOMA (Midtown West) – worth every exhibit and floor for modern art.
Broadway Musicals – get the tickets earlier in the day at TKTS in times square to get discounted tickets. Tip: watch something that only plays in New York.
Top of the Rock – top of the rockefeller center for city view. i prefer top of the rock over empire state building.
Brooklyn Bridge – walk the bridge, amazing experience.
Highline Park (Chelsea) – relatively new, city park built on old railroad track. it’s elevated so you have some nice vanishing point views of the city and the waterfront side.
Chelsea Market – the lobster place is a killer! order fresh lobster and they will steam cook it on the spot for you.
Soho Street Shopping – from designer brands to your everyday brand name favorites, it’s all there.
My NYC list goes on and on…I would love to hear if you have discovered any new spots in and around the city!
All Photos are by Selina on iPhone 4S.
Travel planning done with just two books! – New York Times 36 Hours & 뉴욕 리얼 푸드 (New York’s Real Food)