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Banchan Workshop #10 Pantry & Banchan

07 10 17

I was so happy to be back at Neighbor‘s backyard last month to host workshop/pop-up event. Neighbor store has been undergoing some renovations in their backyard to accommodate hosting events. In addition to most adored shed, they have built a bar kitchen! It’s perfect for doing cooking demos, to serve drinks and bites. Workshop was all about basic pantry and banchan. I’m thinking this should have been the first part in the year of ‘Back-to-Basic’ series but even with some shuffling of order, I’m very glad I was able to share this content. See more highlights from this event below. Read More

Kimchi - Workshop

Banchan Workshop #9 Kimchi

06 14 17

We had another fun and successful kimchi workshop back in May! This was our second time hosting kimchi theme workshop and it’s been one of my favorite. The city of Walnut Creek Parks & Recreation asked me almost a year ago if I can host one for their city program. It was a great opportunity to meet and work with city and the community. Instead of documenting the event by photos, Sarah from Cultural Chromatics helped me to document by video. It’s so awkward for me to see myself speak in front of camera! Eek! All I can say is that Sarah did a fantastic job editing the video. Also, please note I’m planning to host another kimchi workshop during early winter (kimjang, kimchi-making season) so if you missed this one, I hope you can join us then!

Videography by Sarah M. Park | Cultural Chromatics

Rice & Noodles - Workshop

Banchan Workshop #8 Rice & Noodle

03 23 17

The first part of ‘Basic Series’ banchan workshop launched last month and it was held last month at the EatWith‘s test kitchen. There was a small group of us in the kitchen cooking and feasting. We talked about rice & noodle that you can commonly see in Korean homes and how we cooked with them. I chose two type of rice grain and two types of noodles to cook. I was able to demo Mushroom Stone Pot (Dolsot) Rice, Kimchi Fried Rice, Chives & Green Pepper Japchae and Spicy Cold Noodles with Vinaigrette Coleslaw.

In all honesty, I have to say this was the most challenging workshop I’ve hosted. I was down with a nasty flu the week before and pretty much had to stay in bed all week not being able to prep for the workshop. Luckily I had my taste buds back but I had to modify a lot of details in order not to cancel the event. It was disappointing. Sometimes the best decision is to cancel the event and not push through something when you know you are not ready for. This is something that I struggle with. I don’t know how to quit. I mean, it only took me 10 years to quit my job! The timing of this lesson could not have been any better as I’m going on my own, making every decisions. I’m beginning to feel this is what becoming an entrepreneur is like.

Since the workshop, I’ve been working on improving the recipes that I demo at the workshop. One of the feedback was that overall dishes tasted blend and not as flavorful. This is something that I want to address it in separate post but you will start to notice that there is less usage of salt (sodium) in my recipe. This has been a personal change for me and for my health but I do feel it’s important to talk about it if I’m going to continue to share recipes online. I’ll just have to suck up the embarrassment for a minute and tell you what’s been happening in my life. A separate post about this is in the pipeline.

Despite all, I want to personally thank my guests for showing up that day. Also everyone that helped out. Sometimes I truly believe I am blessed with good people around me. There is actually a word in Korean, 인복 (人福) pronounced ‘In bok‘, literally means having blessed with the right kind of people. So I hope you liked the time in the kitchen, sharing ideas and learn something new. Hope you get to try the improved and updated recipes and enjoy the photos (below)!

Table all setup for the guests. Chives pancake with some pickles and kimchi is always good as side dish in Korean table.

Today’s welcoming drink: Ginger Lemonade.

Knowing my key sauce ingredients helped build up my confidence in Korean cooking. I also made some Shim’s Savory and Sweet Sauce the night before. All ready for the cooking demo! Find a list of pantry items and seasoning ingredients on my new RESOURCES page.

All Photography by Sarah M. Park | Cultural Chromatics