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Seafood with Korean Pear Naengchae (Salad) – {Recipe}

09 04 15

It feels like my favorite season is finally here. Is it fall yet? I’m not sure if I’m ready to let go of this summer. It was a good one. I was busy working and juggling many things as usual but got to spend some time with my family going camping and squeezing in day trip activities here and there. Wish we had more time but kids are now back in school and I have to say it’s actually really nice to be able to get back on the grind, back to our routine. Before I say goodbye to this summer, here is a dish that I want to share. It’s light, refreshing summer salad with seafood and Korean pear! A Korean pear (Shingobae, 신고배) is usally large and round with rough golden brown skin. It has slightly bitter taste to it but super juicey. I recently found these different type of Korean pear at the market called golden pear (hwangkeumbae 황금배) which is much smaller in size with yellow skin. It’s sweet, juicy and has little bit of sour taste like apple! I love adding fruit in my salad because it makes it juicy and refreshing. Hope you get to try this at home and let me know if you like it!


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