My Korean Pantry List

Here is a basic Korean pantry list that will help you get started on cooking more Korean food at home. These are items and products that I currently use for everyday Korean cooking. The list get updated frequently so make sure to check back! Download e-file HERE. All of these items are available at local Korean or Asian markets, Amazon and other brand site.

Banchan-1Photography: Leslie Santarina

Short Grain White Rice (흰쌀)
Short Grain Brown Rice (현미쌀)
Short Grain White Sticky Rice (찹쌀)
Wild Sweet Rice (야생찹쌀)
Thin Wheat Flour Noodles ‘Somyeon” (소면)
Medium Wheat Flour Noodles ‘Joongmyeon’ (중면)
Buckwheat Noodles (메밀면)
Glass Noodles (당면)
Korean Pancake Mix (부침가루)
Anchovies/Kelp Dry Tea Bags/Pack (멸치다시팩)
Soy Sauce (조선간장)
Soy Sauce for Soups (국간장)
Low Sodium Soy Sauce (저염간장)
Red Chili Pepper Paste ‘Gochujang’ (고추장)
Red Chili Pepper Powder ‘Gochugaru’ (고추가루)
Soy Bean Paste ‘Ddenjang’ (된장)
Sesame Seed Oil (참기름)
Perilla Seed Oil (들기름)
Sesame Seed Salt (깨소금 )
Brown Cane Sugar (황설탕)
Kosher Salt (코셔소금)
Low Sodium Fine Sea Salt (저염 구운 천일염)
Sea Salt (꽃소금)
Black Pepper (후추)
Brown Rice Vinegar (현미식초)
White Distilled Vinegar (강초)
Honey (꿀)
Oligodang (올리고당)
Plum Extract / Syrup (매실청)
Grapeseed Oil (포도씨유)
Canola Oil (카놀라유)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (오리브유)
Rice Wine or Cooking Sake (청주)
Sweet Cooking Seasoning ‘Mirin’ (미림)
Minced Garlic (다진마늘)
Grated Ginger (다진생강)
Salted Preserved Shrimp (새우젓, 곤쟁이젓)
Fish Sauce (피쉬소스)

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