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What Are We Eating Today? | DakBokeumTang (Spicy Braised Chicken) – {Recipe} – Updated

02 08 15

Lately, I’ve been so glued to watching this cooking show on Korean food channel (OliveTV) called ‘What Are We Eating Today’ (오늘뭐먹지). Mostly for the entertainment but I find this show impeccably funny and the recipes are so doable for people like me who likes to cook on the fly with less ingredients and with the simplest instructions as possible. This show is hosted by two well-known Korean celebs, a singer and a comedian who doesn’t have much clue when it comes to Korean home cooking. They would invite cooking gurus from all over the country, mostly successful restaurant owners with their best selling signature dish. You can watch the show on the LifeStyler website and get the recipe in Korean but I’ve translated this recipe for you here! I made this Spicy Braised Chicken (DakBokeumTang, 닭볶음탕) the other day and was so happy with the results and how fast and easy it was to make. My mom used to make this for us as our go-to family meal at any night. She used different method by pre-marinating the meat in chili pepper paste (gochujang) but this recipe uses only the chili pepper flakes which gives very clean broth taste with less spice kick. Do you have your own go-to dish that you like to make for your family? Try this easy recipe today and see if you like it!
요즘 성시경, 신동엽의 오늘뭐먹지를 보는 재미로 스트레스 해소하고 있다. 요리방송이 아닌 예능에 가깝다고는 하지만 보는 재미도 쏠쏠하고 만드는 음식마다 집에서 쉽게 해 볼만한것 같아서 좋다. 전국각지에서 소문난 맛집 고수들을 초대해서 음식을 만드는 포멧도 신선하고 잼있는것 같다. 오늘뭐먹지 보시는 분들은 어떤 레시피 만들어 보셨나요?

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