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Banchan Workshop #14 at Oaktown Spice Shop

03 12 18

Hello friends, Yet again a long overdue post. Yikes, better late than never, right? I’ve been trying to keep my head above the water lately. It’s fine, It’s a good thing. Banchan workshop is picking up some momentum and I’m really really excited and happy to partner with Oaktown Spice Shop, named the best spice shop in the world by Food & Wine magazine! Oaktown spice opened a second location in Albany (on Solano Ave.) last year in addition to original location in Oakland (Grand Ave.). I hosted my kimchi workshop back in January at the new location and had a blast. We had a really good group and having to host the workshop at night time was relaxing and enjoyable. I’m really happy to report that I’ll be doing more kimchi workshops with Oaktown Spice in both locations and will be introducing different type of kimchi that you can easily make at home! Next one is scheduled on April 17 at Oakland shop. Meanwhile, check out this updated Stuffed Cucumber Kimchi (Oisobagi) recipe below and also the original recipe I worked on with my mom few years back. I’ll need to schedule a new training session with my mom soon. I only have 99 more types of kimchi to tackle. Gah!

Image 1, 2 Photography by Lisa Wong Jackson

This recipe is in collaboration with Oaktown Spice Shop

8 Persian cucumbers
2 cups shredded and chopped Korean radish or daikon radish
1 cup chopped chives
1 cup chopped green onion

¼ cup sea salt
4 tbsp kimchi chili (gochugaru)
1 tbsp granulated garlic
2 tsp ground ginger
2 tbsp preserved baby shrimp or fish sauce
1 tbsp sugar

Cut two ends of each cucumber and cut them into two small trunks (1.5 to 2-inches long) using a smaller knife, cut criss-cross down leaving 1/8″ closing on the bottom (use wider side as bottom). Sprinkle with sea salt to coat evenly. Use your fingers to coat inside cut area. Sit in room temperature for 45 min to 1 hr.

Make stuffing by finely chopping radish, chives and green onion. No longer than 1″ width for easier stuffing and fermentation. Season stuffing ingredients with kimchi chili (gochugaru), preserved shrimp, sugar, garlic and ginger. Add fish sauce (for extra umami flavor!). If you can’t find salted baby shrimp, use more fish sauce. Taste and adjust seasoning by adding more chili, sugar, garlic and fish sauce if needed.

Squeeze out some of the liquid from the salt-brined cucumbers. Insert stuffing in the cucumbers and rub the seasoning on the outside too. Stack it in glass jar or a fermentation jar. Rectangular jars will work best for cucumber kimchi to ferment well and stay intact.

Cucumber fermentation will usually take about 3-5 days depending on temperature. Place it in shaded area in your kitchen or shaded area in your backyard. Taste the kimchi after 3 days to see if you want to keep it outside longer or keep them in the fridge.


Weekday Dinner Made Easy with Taro Banchan

03 02 18

As much as I love to cook and as often as I cook Korean at home, it’s still not easy to plan out all our weekly meals. I also like having some flexibility so some meals are not planned and I cook with whatever I have in my fridge or in my pantry. I think this is the case for most of us but having to cook for the family and after full day’s work, I do think that if you use the food delivery services/apps (wisely), you can plan your meals better and in much less wasteful and cost effective way. I just made rice and soup and had full spread Korean dinner!

I was excited when I came across an ad on Facebook about Tarobites few weeks ago. A food delivery (shipment) service for Banchan (Authentic Korean Side Dishes)! A weekly subscription plan to order home-cooked tasting banchan, prepared in licensed commercial kitchen, delivering all over California (and parts of west coast). Whaaat? That sounds too good not to give it a try!

Once you sign-up for the your weekly subscription plan, you can select your items. They all come in one serving container (12-oz) but you can also order less items for more servings. Menu changes slightly by week to week and there is always something new for you to try. I like to order a good mix of spicy & non-spicy banchan. Also, some type of protein that can be served as main dish as well. Shipment comes in insulated box with thick padding and gel ice packs to keep it fresh (temp below 41F). Food stays fresh in the fridge for the entire week even after 3-4 days. They also care about packaging with recyclable materials which always makes me happy knowing that we are doing the earth a favor. You can read more about how to recycle Tarobites boxes here.

Weekly order selection is made by every Thursday night and it gets delivered on following Tuesday. You can skip as many weeks as you want, plan two weeks ahead (in case you are going to be out of town). Some people choose to keep their subscription on auto-pilot and have chefs select the items for them. You can also cancel subscription at anytime. Nathan (my 12-yro) and I recorded a short clip on Insta-story unboxing of this week’s order so you can see! (check it out on my Instagram profile stories highlights)

Chi Namul (취나물)
Spicy Squid Salad (오징어숙회)
Baby Radish Kimchi (총각김치)
Mix Veggie Pickle (모둠 장아찌)
Bean Paste (쌈장)
Sesame Leaf (양념깻잎)

Also check out Tarobite’s TIFFIN (Indian) and PEICAN (Chinese) services as well. Refer to FAQ for further details.

GET $10 off your first order by using the discount code: SELINA674C

This post was created in partnership with Tarobites. All opinions are my own. Thank you for your continuing support.